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Welcome to D Orr Metal Sculpture

Weather  you are an avid collector or a first time art buyer, we can provide you with a one-of-a-kind metal sculpture for your home, office or outdoor garden or entryway. D Orr Metal sculpture has been providing the art world museum quality metal sculptures for the last twenty years. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, our studio is a short drive from Denver, Monument or Manitou.


It's owner/Artist, Don Orr, began his interest in metal sculpture in 1970 when he bought his first welding outfit. Not formally trained in the fine arts his methods of design and fabrication are largely self-taught.

 The primary media he use is mild steel which can be texture, highly polished, accented with brass, copper or covered with a colorful patina. Unlike cast sculptures where the detail is created in the clay and then captured in the mold and then cast, In direct metal sculpting metal components are welded together and detail in the metal is accomplished by moving puddles of molten metal, called beads, to provide the desired effect. He has also added slab glass into my designs. The completed sculpture is signed with a round brass dot into which the letter “D” is stamped and finished with a protective lacquer coating. He uses the title of the piece to help the viewer visualize what he is trying to convey in the sculpture. All of his sculptures are designed to challenge, amuse and delight the eye of the viewer.  


Orr's work can be commissioned to meet specific size requirements and additional pieces can be viewed at his studio by appointment. His artwork is also featured at numerous shows and public art throughout the Pike Peaks region and available at Arati Artist Gallery, 2425 W. Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO, 80904. If you would like more information on any of the wonderful artwork D Orr Metal Sculpture has to offer please contact us right away at 719-471-3738 or email,


In the gallery that follows you will have an opportunity to view representive samples of pedestal or table, wall and outdoor sculptures

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